Flexi Kiosk

Flexi Kiosk

The Mitsubishi Flexi Kiosk is a state of the art retail kiosk solution, offering high quality instant prints in 5 sizes 6x4", 6x6", 8x6", 8x10", 8x12", biometric ID and Passport prints and Unique Photo Gift Products.


It allows your customers to print from Media Card, Mobile Devices (by APP or Cable) and from Social Media sites like Facebook, allowing you to customise your prints using a full editing suite built in to the easy to use software.


The Kiosk also offers a full biometric ID, Passport and Visa printing option from various countries, ensuring all relevant guidelines from the passport office are followed.

The Kiosk can be supplied with a choice of printer, dependant of what size prints you would like to offer, please select from the following options:

Mitsubishi Flexi - Offering 6x4" / 6x6" / 8x6" / ID & Passport / Photo Gifts

Mitsubishi Flexi - Offering 6x4" / 6x6" / 8x6" / 10x8" / 12x8" / ID & Passport / Photo Gifts

If you are unsure as to what the BEST set up would be for you, or would like more information - please make a booking to view the kiosk, or contact us on 01772 498594, the demo will cover:

  • How to use the software
  • How do I print my photos?
  • Editing my photo
  • How do I create a passport / ID Print
  • The easy way to make profit from Instant Gifts
  • Loading of Paper and Ribbon

​Following the demo, you will then get the opportunity to discuss the kiosk in more depth with one of our Mitsubishi trained team.


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