Hairy Coo Black 200ml Ink for Fuji DX100

The Fujifilm DX100 BLACK ink cartridge from Hairy COO is developed in the EU.  It has been tested by industry experts within the UK market with some remarkable reviews:


Professional Wedding Photographer (November 2016)

"We believe the most pivotal photographic occasion in your lifetime is arguably going to be your wedding day, so EVERYTHING has to be right, it’s our job to cut through the chaos and noise to present you with the perfect package.  Therefore we are always sceptical of using inks that aren’t the original manufacturers, but because we’ve known the team at Roskerr for so long we thought we’ve give their range in ‘Hairy Coo’ inks a try."

"We discovered that the Hairy Coo inks gave remarkable improvements to skin tones and blue skies, the prints were excellent all round, and we’ve been using the inks now since late 2016."

"Every time I re-order I find myself always thinking I wish i’d had these years ago, and of course about a big pink ‘HAIRY COO’ roaming around the fields, ha ha."


Retail Lab (June 2017)

"For years i’d been buying my supplies from the same source without question, but when we noticed increases to costs I thought it was time to shop around a little.  I came across Roskerr using a google search and had heard their name before, turns out they are also an official Fuji supplier, and had the full range of product I was already buying – I tried them out, and the sales person on the phone told me about ‘Hairy Coo’ inks, how they had saved other retailers almost 20% of their inks costs without sacrificing any quality – so I gave them a shot, they even did me a special deal on my first set too."

"The great thing was, I never even told the operators in store, they received the order from Roskerr the next morning, saw the Hairy Coo inks and simply popped them in the machine and carried on, we didn’t change a thing, and I saved money – brilliant."


Social/Event Photographer (May 2017)

"What can I say about Hairy Coo inks – they save me a fortune, the quality is no different to the original manufacturer, i’m absolutely delighted."


So now you've read what others are saying about Hairy COO, isn't it time that Hairy COO began saving your business money too?

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