Hairy Coo Yellow 200ml Ink for Epson D700

The Epson D700 YELLOW ink cartridge from Hairy COO is developed in the EU.  It has been tested by industry experts within the UK market with some remarkable reviews:


Retail Lab (July 2018)

"I own three labs in London, and have been purchasing supplies from Roskerr for many years.  When their REP came into see me recently he introduced the Hairy Coo inks for my D700.  I now have these working in all three of my shops.  It is saving me a small fortune and there is no sacrifice to make on the quality of the print.  Also the inks are never out of stock, with original branded inks I always had to keep a spare set or two in stock as delivery was slow - Roskerr are next day delivery, and sometimes my REP will bring a set with him."


So now you've read what others are saying about Hairy COO, isn't it time that Hairy COO began saving your business money too?

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